3 Best Supplements For Rapid Weight Loss

You know the drill about weight loss. Consume healthy foods. Work out better. But there is one an oft-overlooked thing you can do to help your weight loss goal to kickstart you out of a weight loss plateau: supplements.

There’s research to support certain supplements can aid you in slimming down. Doctors and nutritionists weigh in below on which are the best. As always, talk with your own doctor before taking a new supplement on a daily basis.

1 — Probiotics

They are good for both your gut and waistline. Probiotics in their supplement form are living bacteria that give countless health benefits when eaten. These are naturally found in the gut, but can be rebuilt using external means. Your gut bacteria plays a major role in weight management because of the bacteria’s effect on your appetite. When your gut’s balance of good to bad bacteria is not right, the short-chain fatty acid creation in your gut is increased, which leads to appetite hormone production. These hormones are usually involved in appetite and weight gain. Probiotics will aid in helping the good bacteria to fight the creation of those bad hunger hormones.

2 — Beta-glucan

Beta-glucan is a supplement that is well-researched to aid weight loss by keeping you full longer, in addition to helping your blood sugar and blood pressure. It can be found naturally in many foods. This includes oats and barley, yeast, mushrooms, and algae. Since these foods are not exactly appetizing, getting Beta-glucan in supplement form is a perfect weight-loss helper.

3 — Whey protein powder

Another supplement that can help weight loss is whey protein. Regular consumption of this can help retain muscle, which leads to increased strength and metabolic rate. One study proved that whey-protein increases fat loss and protects lean muscle even in obese people. This study showed that consuming whey protein powder on top of a calorie-controlled diet can aid in losing body fat while preserving muscle tissue.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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