3 Breakfast Foods That Transform Into Pounds Of Belly Fat

For a lot of people, breakfast is the favorite meal of the day. You get to wake up, make a cup of coffee, and treat yourself to a nice meal that will help you jumpstart your day.

And while there are a lot of healthy and delicious options out there to pick from, there are also some other breakfast foods that might cause more harm than they do good.

Research has pointed out some specific breakfast foods that are known to lead to potential health problems, including a higher risk of abdominal fats. Although it is perfectly necessary and healthy to have a certain amount of fat around your waist, too much of it might be dangerous because it is close to your abdominal organs.

Here are a few foods you might want to limit if you are trying to avoid adding more belly fat.

1 — Processed meat

Before you can reach for the breakfast sausage or bacon, you might want to know that processed meats is one of the least healthy foods for belly fat.

Processed meats are said to have a high correlation to weight gain, only behind crackers and chocolate bars, and even more so than waffles or pancakes.

The 2020 dietary guidelines that come from the International Journal of Obesity recommend greatly limiting your how much processed meat you consume (along with alcoholic drinks and drinks that are sweetened with sugar) in order to have lower levels of visceral fat.

2 — White bread toast

White bread and other refined carbohydrates can easily lead to additional weight gain, especially around your stomach area. While whole grains are linked with less visceral fats, eating white bread has the exact opposite effect and was linked with a higher amount of visceral fat tissue.

Swapping to whole grains instead of the refined carbohydrates could significantly improve not just your bodyweight but also your overall health.

3 — Fast food breakfast

Fast food is affordable and easy, but it, unfortunately, comes with a large list of health-related consequences. For one, fast food is high in trans fats, which when eaten regularly have been known to lead to conditions like heart disease, obesity and diabetes. In fact, most research indicates we eliminate the trans fats from our diets completely.

Trans fats could specifically lead to additional weight gain in your abdominal area, which was discovered after a research study on postmenopausal females in Nutrition & Diabetes.

Another study that focused on Iranian adults concluded that eating fast food was related to an increase in metabolic syndrome, which includes conditions such as abdominal obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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