3 Disastrous Habits That Could Put You In An Early Grave

While terrible habits are not good, they are really unacceptable and can lead to disastrous results for people over 60. When it relates to your health past 60, you must be more serious, take better care, and follow your doctor’s orders to avoid messing up your health. Here are three health mistakes you must never make past 60.

1 — Not Getting Sleep Every Night

According to scientists, people who are older than 50 should get at least eight hours each night of sleep. Getting six hours or under increases your risk of getting dementia in your late 70s.

For years, researchers investigated the relationship between cognitive decline and sleep. Coming to a conclusion was difficult since it was not easy to fully determine if lack of sleep is a symptom of the brain starting to change and go into dementia or whether it aided in those changes as a cause.

A new study found that people who do not get good sleep in their 50s or 60s were at greater risk of getting dementia as they get older. According to the new study, people who are in their 60s and slept for six hours or under were 30% more likely to get dementia compared to those who slept for seven hours.

2 — Letting Go Of Social Connections

Many people do not understand that loneliness can be deadly. According to research in 2018, isolation can double your risk of passing away from heart-related disease. Also, the National Institute of Aging reports that isolation causes heightened risks of depression, cognitive decline, a weakened immune system, and being obese.

Men are more likely to be harmed by social isolation. It is, therefore, important to keep those connections that bind as you age as they could help you get away from depression or avoid a bad and potentially deadly health issue.

3 — Not Enough Water

We all understand the importance of hydration. What most do not understand is that water is a matter of life and death as older adults are at high risk of bad dehydration effects. That is due to them having a lower water volume inside their bodies.

Each man should get an average of 3.7 liters daily and women should get at least 2.7 liters. But it’s important to note that 20% of your daily intake comes from food. You need to drink the remaining 80% to keep yourself healthy. As you get older, your risk of dehydration goes up tremendously, so don’t let this go unchecked!

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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