3 Doctor Tips To Avoid “Deadly Dementia”

You may believe that Alzheimer’s or dementia leads to you being forgetful, and debilitatingly so, but cannot be fatal. That is a myth. 

The Alzheimer’s Association says that “Alzheimer’s has no survivors.” “It destroys your brain cells and changes memory, erratic actions and loss of bodily functions. It painfully and slowly takes away your identity.” No one wants this to happen—and you might help stop it. Read on for some tricks to avoid getting deadly dementia, according to experts.

1 — Lower Your Dementia Risk By 45% With This One Thing

Exercise can lower your risk—as can getting movement of any sort, including even cooking. Several studies looked at middle-aged patients and the effects exercise had on their memory and thinking in later life.

Combining the numbers of numerous studies revealed that regular exercise can greatly lower the risk of getting dementia by around 30 percent. For Alzheimer’s disease, the risk was lowered by 45 percent. 

You can do aerobic exercise for around 30 minutes each day. However, physical exercise does not only mean running or playing a sport. It could also mean a daily activity like fast walking or even gardening.”

2 — Staying Mentally Alert

By trying new hobbies, reading, or working on crossword puzzles you can also lower your chances of getting the illness. The Bronx 20-year Study found that crossword puzzle was linked with a 2.54 year delay in onset of dementia, which suggests that like education, mentally stimulating hobbies can help fight the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, but by themselves they cannot prevent it.

3 — Keep Your Weight Healthy

The NY Times says that the connection between dementia and your weight: “Compared with those with normal weight, overweight patients were 27 percent more likely to get dementia, and the very overweight people were 31 percent more likely to get dementia.” It went on: “The scientists also discovered that women with center obesity — a waist bigger than 34.6 inches — were around 39 percent more likely to get dementia than those people with a normal waist size. Fat around your middle section was not associated with a greater dementia risk in men.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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