3 Double Up Exercises For Lazy Weight Lifters

To get a powerful back and shoulder without much effort at all, try these three band exercises. You can use them almost anywhere, anytime. One thing to remember: For band training to work well, you have to get some things right.

Maintain the right tension — If your aim is to pack on more muscle, you need to keep constant tension throughout your motion.

Minimize Momentum — To build even more muscle, keep your momentum to a minimum while increasing your tension as much as you can.

1 — Band Pull-Apart

Be sure to lower hyperextension in your lower back by holding your ribs down. This will let you use the small of your back much more effectively.

The process

  • Hold your resistance band and put your back against the wall.
  • Tilt your pelvis enough so your head and lower back are up against the wall. Maintain this throughout your set.
  • With arms locked, pull your band towards your neck.
  • Keep tension in the band, slowly bring your arms forward while activating your upper back. Don’t allow the band to snap in the middle.

Do 10-15 reps with 3-4 sets.

2 — Banded Muscle Snatch

Snatches are not just for barbells. When done right, this is among the best exercises for your upper back. It seems pretty simple: lift the weight up to an overhead position in one smooth motion.

The Process

  • Stand on the end of the band and point toward the wall.
  • Start the movement by bringing your elbows upwards.
  • Once your elbows get to almost shoulder height, rotate your shoulders and lock your arms overhead.
  • Return the band using this same motion.

Pointing toward the wall helps you to pull up straight, instead of allowing the weight to move away from your body.

3 — Banded Lateral Raise

The tension you feel in your delts with this exercise is crazy. Try doing a pause at the peak of the movement then doing a controlled and slow lowering.

The Process

  • Sit on your bench with a band wrapped around the bottom.
  • With arms locked, raise them to shoulder height while lifting with your delts.
  • Slowly go back to your starting spot while keep tension in your band.
Author: Scott Dowdy

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