3 Easiest Habits For Living Longer (#3 Is High Tech)

If you know a doctor—we mean, know them on a personal basis—you know they are human. “Doctors are not known for taking care of themselves like they can and should!” admits Dr. Tom Jeneby, a plastic surgeon in Texas. “But we do have some good perks!” One being that they understand how to stay healthy—better than most people—whether they stick to it or not. Which is why we spoke to experts about what you should do to live a longer and healthier life.

1– Own a Dog

“Pet ownership is a 24/7 form of therapy and it’s a personal stress remover for many people,” says Dr. Carmen Echols. “Shortly after I married my husband, we bought a dog—that we still have, by the way. After very challenging days at work, I would sit on the couch and watch some TV while petting our dog and find it to be a simple activity that was so relaxing.”

2 — Meditate (And Other Habits)

“I will tell you my experience within holistic medicine what I have learned from other leading doctors,” says Dr. Dean Mitchell, Professor of Osteopathic Medicine.

“Some type of meditation: like walking, swimming or even just sitting—preferably while in nature.”

“Being careful with their diet: Plant-based is the main items on their plate; eating natural foods: fruits, seeds, nuts.”

“Exercise: weight-training and cardio.”

“Stretching and yoga—flexibility is very important as get older.”

“Keeping your brain young by accepting on new challenges.”

The simple things really work!

3 — Try Genetic Testing

“The field of epigenetics is where some doctors are searching when it comes to stopping aging and preventing disease,” says Dr. Elena Villanueva from Modern Holistic Health.

“Using genetic testing, the doctors can find their own individualized ‘daily manual’ to know which foods, toxins, and other choices they should use in their everyday life to maximize their health. Then they can even know what type of exercise would benefit them the most, and which sleeping habits they need to stick to, and which supplements they would benefit from the most.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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