3 Exercises That Give You a Boxer’s Punch

You do not need to hit faces and choke other guys as a fighter. Whether you are punching someone out or not, being as powerful as you can is always better than being weaker. So here are the top three upper-body moves to increase your fight-strength that can carry over to a real life fight.

1. Barbell Floor Press Along With Chains

Why we have included it

  • Chains will help your explosiveness because you can accelerate through the entire movement.
  • It’s among the best lifts to give better starting strength.

Start by getting on the floor under a barbell in a power rack. Grip the bar good and lift it directly over your sternum or just higher than your shoulders. Lower the bar until your elbows meet the floor.

After a good pause, press up to your starting position as forcefully as you can. Do not elbow-bounce on the floor in-between reps.

2. Landmine Press Using A Band

Why we have included it

  • It creates better punching power.
  • This position helps your fighting stance. Even though it won’t create better fight techniques, it’ll certainly help your striking power.

Put up a barbell in a corner. Put one end of the band around your food and the other end around the barbell. Get in a staggered posture and push up as explosively as you can while leaning a bit forward. Allow your shoulder to move protract, like a punch.

Lower with control to the starting spot and instantly push back up again. After your reps are done, change your stance and again repeat.

3. Inverted Row With An Iso Hold

Why we have included it

  • It gives you better horizontal pulling strength and upper-back power.
  • Doing isometric holds at the top spot gives “grinding strength” and a better ability to hold and control your fighting opponent.

Start under a barbell in a rack just higher than arms length away from the floor. Put your heels on a bench. Grab the bar with a normal bench press grip and raise your body off the floor by completely activating your backside (hams, calves, glutes, lower, and upper back). Ensuring the barbell is put above your upper abdomen to help your horizontal elbow movement.

Raise your chest and activate your lats before you start the movement. Bring yourself up until your chest gets to the barbell and maintain tension for 2-3 seconds before you go back down to the starting position.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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