3 Exercises That Professional Fighters Do Weekly

Fighting does not require just strength. You have to sustain, and deliver violent forces through every plane of motion. One of the top neglected types of contraction is the isometric type. Most sports are in fact dynamic, but isometric strength will allow you to have an advantage and keep you protected from injuries.

This is why, among other reasons, isometric strength training must be part of your training routine.

With that in mind, here are three of the the best exercises you can use to transform your body into strong piece of iron. Do these close to the end of your main workout and AFTER your main lifts are done.

1. The Chinese Plank

This is a truly effective anti-flexion exercises for creating a strong posterior chain. It will help you push your punches through your hips, thus making them be much more deadly. It will also cause your opponents to feel lighter when and if you lift them up.

Try doing three sets of one minute, taking a rest as needed. If you can keep it held for this long, it’s time to start going with extra resistance. Pick up a weight plat and put it on your stomach, right over your lower back. Keep going like this if you can a full minute and still keep your form.

2. The Zercher Carry

Loaded carries are a great tool for creating thick core muscles that will protect you from punches and make your spine invulnerable to injury. The Zercher’s big benefit is how it challenges your whole upper back.

If you have never done this one before, loading up with about 20-30% of your weight is a nice start. Do three sets going 30 meters eat time. If this can be done, do 40 or 50 next time.

If you can carry it in using good form and without stopping, bring the load up some more.

3. The Diagonal Med Ball Rotation

This one’s a dynamic exercise, but it has an isometric component too. Good punching speed is a necessary skill to create, and the demands it puts on the body are oscillatory.

To get technical prowess in punching multiple times quickly, you must teach your shoulders and hips to change between contracting and relaxing quickly. That’s exactly what this exercise allows. Plus, including an isometric exercise before explosive reps helps use up to 10% more of your muscle.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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