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3 Exercises That Slow And Even Reverse Aging

As we get older, our capacity to generate athletic power decreases. Power begins to wane after age 40, and people who are able to exhibit power frequently live longer. So, although strength training is popularly thought of as a form of exercise for athletes, it also has an anti-aging purpose.

The power quality has the shortest retention period. Before you lose strength, you lose power. As a result, power is a “use it or lose it” sort of thing. Fortunately, you can restore and maintain power characteristics with ease.

The health benefits are beyond incredible if you’re not an athlete. A stronger body means a higher quality of life in the future. You’ll be able to play with your children (and grandkids) and respond quickly if necessary. Power training will keep you from getting injured and enable you to do the things you enjoy for a long time.

The aim of specialized power training is to work the muscles in a unique way other than with traditional 3 sets of 10 rep schemes. It focuses on different muscle fiber types and activities. If you’re familiar with strength exercises but simply want some inspiration, check out the video. Don’t skip this portion if you’re new to strength training.

How to Start Power Training – 4 Tips

1 Start slowly

Remember, the goal is to improve your skills and quality of life. It’s not to compete in professional sports or even recapture your high school glory days. Keeping the intent and speed of each rep as high as feasible while training for power is critical. Recovering fully after most power exercises is essential.

2 Do half the volume

You won’t need as much training volume as you anticipate. Simply begin with half of the volume you believe you’ll require. You may always add more later, but if you start too rapidly, it’s possible that it will be too late to remove anything.

3 Change the way you think about sets and reps

You can do total-rep sets or complete a set number of repetitions. So, instead of performing 3 sets of 5 reps, try for 15 total reps. You may also perform 15 sets of one rep taking frequent rest between sets. You may also change the arrangements and numbers. Instead of three 10-rep sets, perform ten 3-set

4 Be mindful with exercise selection

Exercises like sprints, jumps, and throws are both powerful and explosive, but figure out what’s right for you. Not every exercise will be perfect for everyone’s body. Don’t try to do anything dangerous unless you’ve worked up to it and are confident it’s safe.

Jumping Exercises

When performing jumping exercises, practice a little more caution. The landing is where the stress lies. Choose the right exercises to lessen the impact or limit the height of the jump while reducing stress on your joints. Jumps can also be done in a long-distance manner. Take one stride at a time, focusing on rhythm and timing as you go through the jumps. Pogo jumps or, in some cases, jumping rope are two examples.

Sled Work

The sled allows you to simultaneously train power and strength while keeping your body safe, efficient, and enjoyable. The eccentric (negative) phase of exercises like as explosive rows and presses is eliminated. Because you aren’t applying any strain on the body, using the sled is quite simple on the joints.

When training for power, keep the reps or distance low. Try 3-8 repetitions or 10-20 yards as a starting point. Make each movement as forceful as possible. The sled can be overloaded more, but for explosiveness, speed is king. Because of this, don’t use too much weight.

You can do sled exercises at the end of a workout or during a training day’s primary activity.

Battling Ropes

Rope exercises are usually associated with conditioning and Tabata, but you can also do them for power. What’s the advantage? You may perform rope exercises in any plane of movement, ensuring that your entire body gets a workout.

Do them with a partner for reps ranging from 10-15 or for time (8-12 seconds), as aggressively as possible. Rest for at least 30 minutes between sets. These should be treated like a finishing move towards the end of your workout.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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