3 Exercises To Melt Belly Fat Without Straining

Despite what your local gym’s layout might suggest, performing cardio and lifting weights don’t have to conflict with one another. How do you add more muscle? Lift weights. How do enhance your cardio game? Lift weights. But at a faster rate.

This dumbbell workout utilizes an upper-body push/pull pump combination, with a metabolic stinger to increase the calorie-burn and help deliver a large fitness boost.

The format is easy: set a countdown timer for about 15 minutes, start with one repetition of each movement, followed by two more of each, then three of each, while continuing and repeating until the clock runs out. As the reps count increases, break up the sets and rest as necessary to help you keep your form on point, but keep moving at a respectable speed while the clock is still ticking. No dilly-dallying.

Double Devil’s press

While holding both of the dumbbells, lower into a press-up starting position and do a burpee (A). As you start to stand back up, use your momentum to swing the dumbbells between your legs, and then directly over your head (B). Lower back down to the ground while staying under control and repeat the steps.

Push Press

After your last Devil’s Press, lower the dumbbells until they are resting on your shoulders, with your palms facing inward. Take a breath and brace the core. (A) Dip at your knees and use the legs to help (B) press the dumbbells over your head. Lower to the ground while staying under control. After 10 repetitions, switch partners.

Bent Over Row

Push presses complete, lower the dumbbells and hinge at your hips until your chest is parallel with the floor, dumbbells should be hanging at your shins (A). keeping a flat back, row both of the dumbbells towards your torso (B), and then squeeze together your shoulder blades and lower to the starting position while remaining in control and the repeat the steps. Control the dumbbells and try to avoid moving the torso but continue to rep out in a piston like movement until you are forced to slow down.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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