3 Foods That Could Help You Live To 100

Have you ever encountered an older person who is so youthful and full of life that you wondered, “What’s their secret?” When they started to research the world’s oldest living people in order to learn more about their lifestyle choices that had allowed them to live record-breaking long lives, Eden’s Gate asked themselves this very question.

Eden’s Gate is a UK-based firm that was founded with the goal of producing CBD products to help people feel happier and more optimistic. They wanted to learn the secrets behind the world’s longest-living individuals as a result of their desire to assist individuals live healthier lives.

They studied six people who lived to be over 100 years old and discovered that diet, activity levels, stress levels, and economic standing all influenced how long they survived.

The oldest person in recorded history is Jeanne Louise Calment. She lived to be 122 years old and was the only individual to have reached the age of 120. But what were her longevity secrets? It included three meals.

Port wine, Chocolate and Olive oil

Jeanne Louise Calment was a mystery even when she was alive, and her death has done little to shed light on this. She died in 1997 at the age of 122 years old, and when she was asked what her secrets to longevity were, she replied, “port wine, chocolate, and olive oil.”

This isn’t much of a surprise, especially since many centenarians in the world’s Blue Zones (areas with the most people over 100 years old) frequently drink olive oil and red wine. In fact, extra virgin olive oil has been linked to weight loss, blood pressure reduction, inflammation reduction, and cardiovascular disease prevention.

Wine and dark chocolate, in moderation, have also been shown to include potent antioxidants that can help promote optimal general health.

Another hypothesis is that her low-stress lifestyle may have played a role. Calment had the opportunity to live a comfortable, low-stress life for the rest of her 122 years. She never worked full-time, so you could fairly say her stress levels were a lot lower than the normal person’s. Because she did not have to work very often, she was able to participate in active hobbies on a regular basis, such as tennis, swimming, piano playing, and biking.

Why is the life of Jeanne Louise Calment so enigmatic? According to a hypothesis developed by Moscow researchers, Calment might have actually perished at an earlier age than was previously thought. Nobody can be sure, so the enigma endures.

Regardless of your preconceived notions about the “oldest living person in the world,” we may still learn some valuable lessons. Eat chocolate, have a glass of red wine, use olive oil, and pursue activities that you enjoy.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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