3 Health Habits Worse Than Fast Food

All of us try to maintain a well balanced diet and keep our lifestyle healthy. However, sometimes we’ll indulge in a cheeseburger or some nachos. It is indulgent and great tasting, no doubt. Yet afterwards, you have less energy or you may feel rundown. Your unhealthy habits may have a similar effect. There is a whole lot of other bad decisions we’re making, and, over a period of time, they are likely doing more damage than eating the occasional cheeseburger would do. Read on for 3 habits that are worse than fast food.

1 — Too Much Exercise

Exercise is great for our health. So you would think that the more we exercise, the better it is. Actually, that is only true to a certain point. “Many people don’t get enough exercise, hence the rapidly increasing obesity levels,” said Marc Lobliner, a fitness specialist and owner of

However, when people start a program, they sometimes will overdo it, spending too many hours a day exercising and forsaking their personal lives. Instead, do this: “Begin the smart way, exercise an hour per day and add more time as your workout becomes more efficient and you can budget it into your daily routine,” said Lobliner. By doing too much, your mind will get burnt out and your body will hurt. The smarter way to go about it is to make exercise work with, and not takeover, your life.

2 — Setting Unrealistic Expectations

Social networking sites are littered with beautiful people, and it may be pretty intimidating if we feel like we won’t measure up. But it is important to acknowledge that those perfect pictures are often the result of Photoshop and filters!

“They not only capture the perfect angle, they also touch it up and if that is all you can see, then you can feel like your results are are not where they need to be,” said Lobliner. Be kinder to yourself and do not set unrealistic expectations centered around illusions. Take photos. Look at your first photo then that day’s photo. “Love and embrace the positive changes. Set your sights on the best you and be proud of the progress that you’ve made,” said Lobliner.

3 — Not Getting Enough Sleep

If you thought that double cheese burger with french fries was the worst thing that was in your diet this week, you may want to check your hygiene and sleep quality. “Poor sleep quality and sleep deprivation, if it happens every night, has been shown to boost levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, which essentially breaks down muscle and spares fat,” said Dr. Ralph Esposito, a naturopathic physician who works with Athletic Greens.

Yes, a cheat meal or cheat day may push you in the wrong direction but poor sleep every night will shove you into a hole making it even harder to overcome the weight that is gained. “This eventually may lead to insulin resistance and many other hormonal problems,” said Dr. Esposito.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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