3 Sleep Supplements That Are Almost Too Good To Be True

We all could use better sleep these days. And enhanced muscle gains or less stress? Yes please. As you get ready for bed, you might want to think about these sleep-promoting supplements. Read on for the best science-backed supplements to take before going to sleep.

1 — Melatonin

The most commonly touted sleep supplement. And there is a good reason it is such a frequently used remedy for sleep problems.

Your body makes melatonin naturally, with amounts going down in the morning and increasing in the evening to help your sleep-wake cycle.

Given its role in managing your circadian rhythm and signaling your body that it is time to sleep, this supplement can help you to get to sleep and promote a normal sleeping cycle. This could be the case for people managing insomnia or wanting to increase their sleep efficacy.

2 — Magnesium

Here’s another good one, which can also help with problems like anxiety.

Magnesium comes in certain forms that can be helpful in different circumstances. Magnesium citrate is different from the other forms, such as magnesium threonate and magnesium bisglycinate, which are quickly absorbed.

Magnesium bisglycinate can help with better sleep and lower your anxiety. Therefore, it can help to take it at night before bedtime.

3 — Passionflower

Passionflower has been used inside alternative medicine for things like insomnia; yet, new research has proven that it can in fact change your sleep quality and quantity.

To get a good night’s rest, the best balance of sleep quantity and quality must be kept. A 2017 study revealed that passionflower lowered wakefulness and had a significant increase in the total amount of time spent sleeping.

In relation to sleep quality, another study showed that passionflower tea was beneficial. Though the studies were small, and more research is required before definitive claims can be promoted, passionflower seems to have a promising result for ending your night.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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