3 Walmart Weight Loss Snacks That Really Work

We all know that Walmart is a great place to grab some salty, sugary and high-fat snacks. But this huge store also has tons of impressive snacks that could support losing weight as well. And no, we are not talking about the cardboard-tasting bars or chalky weight loss shakes.

From crispy puffs to fruit snacks, Walmart shelves are packed-full of many different snacks that can provide your body with protein, fiber and a slew of many other nutrients that support weight loss.

So, the next time you got to Walmart, make sure to grab some of these great tasting snacks if you’re focused on losing weight and good-tasting food.

1 — CLIF Thins

CLIF Thins are a crunchy, crispy snack bar with 100-calories and 5 gm of sugar in each pack. They are made with ingredients that are plant-based, like organic rolled oats and nuts. And since they have great tasting flavors like chocolate peanut butter brownie, they are great for anyone looking for a nutritious snack time that will also satisfy their sweet tooth.

2 — ENVY Apples

Apples are sweet with no added sugars and are naturally fat-free. Snacking on them might be one of the best things you could eat for losing weight, as data reveals that the natural polyphenols that is found in this fruit likely promotes anti-obesity effects. Consuming them consistently is connected to weight loss, especially among those who are overweight.

Envy apples are the go-to variety of apples for eating a mid-day snack due to their flesh staying whiter for longer, making them the best choice for pre-slicing prior to snack time.

3 — Joolies Organic Medjool Dates

This herbicide-free fruit is packed in a snack-friendly package. Dates have a naturally lower glycemic index, allowing for a steady and slow blood sugar increase instead of a quick spike, which might make you feel hungry right after you eat. The 3 gm of fiber it has per serving allows for an increased satiety factor, making these fruits an excellent addition to losing weight —especially for anyone who loves a caramel-like sweet treat that doesn’t have any added sugars.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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