3 Ways You’re Ruining Your Waistline For Good

You pile up your plate, take big bites, and speed through your meal like it is a contest. Although that might look efficient to you, it might be harming your weight loss goals, according to research done at the Nutrition 2021 conference.

Scientists served 44 people macaroni and cheese once per week for four weeks and watched the speed at which the people ate and their bite size. The portions were different every week.

On average, they consumed 43% more when their portion size was enlarged by 75%. No matter what the portion, people who ate faster and took bigger bites ate more, the researchers said.

They said this is possibly due to the “lowered oro-sensory exposure., called OSE for short, which means the way your food feels inside your mouth as you are eating. Although this does not get much attention in the fitness world, compared to food calories, OSE can have a large effect on how you eat.

Past studies concerning OSE discovered that if you have greater levels of that stimulation—something you can do by eating slower —it helps to make you feel fuller sooner than if you take larger bites and don’t chew as much. That research also says that the very low OSE level of sugary drinks, for example, is among the reasons they are usually consumed faster and in larger amounts, making them an issue for weight loss.

Awareness can aid with changing that in addition to the three things mentioned in the study. Vanessa Rissetto, RD, says that it can be weird to be mindful as you are eating if you have always ate quickly and took large bites, but it is worth the effort.

“The best strategy is to see it as an experiment instead of a must-do task of attempting to stay completely present for every bite you take., she says.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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