3 Weight Loss Tips From A Professional Trainer

Losing weight is not always easy. As we have said in other articles, getting to a calorie deficit might be as easy as two simple steps, but when it comes to really doing something, it can get a bit more complicated. To deal with these complexities—and get everyone straight about the fundamentals—fitness coach and YouTuber Paul Revalia has revealed his three honest ideas for shedding pounds.

Revalia starts by accepting a question from a guy looking to get into shape for his upcoming wedding day. As you may expect, he begins by explaining the foundation: Calories in compared to calories out. “There is misunderstanding about this,” he said, “but understand one thing: you must burn more calories than you take in.” Boiled down, that is what it means to achieve a calorie deficit.

That said, Revalia then recommends not allowing yourself to get overwhelmed and overly focused on counting how much calories you are burning, because this can be hard to measure. Fitness apps probably are not giving you a real measure here, and focusing on this can lead you away from where you need to be.

A better way, Revalia says, is to think about your eating—the familiar recommendation about focusing on your diet. Food, he reports, is all about macro nutrients and once you start to think of it in this way, you will have a much better idea of how to eat to get to your goals. It allows you to have the freedom to create an eating plan that works best for you. And you will be more likely to shed pounds and keep it all off. “There is no such thing as bad foods,” he states, but some foods will help your goals better than some others.

From there, Revalia then explains how understanding food aligns with his other recommendations, including planning in movement as a huge part of your life, even if it is not “exercise.” Revalia’s third tip is to pre-plan for a healthy routine: Make a routine you can adhere to, and know what you are going to do before it comes time to do it.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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