4 Cans Of This Can Destroy Your Heart

A report has come out about a 21-year-old man coming down with heart failure after “excessive energy drink usage”.

According to documents, the man consumed around of four cans of energy drinks every day for two years.

Four months before his hospitalization, the man had shortness of breath along with weight loss, and even dropped out of college because of his lethargy.

He eventually spent 58 days in the hospital, including a stay in the ICU, an experience he said was “traumatizing”.

It was during his hospital stay that doctors were told about his heavy energy drink usage and decided the possible reason for his heart problems was “energy drink cardiotoxicity”.

“Energy drinks are growing worldwide, and the affects of excessive drinking of such beverages on the heart is not well understood. Concerns are being raised about its possible harmful effects including heart failure, but most customers are not aware yet., says the BMJ study.

Discussing these events, the man says he was put inside the ICU as he was having delirium and memory problems to such a degree he could not remember why he was there.

He also described how he: “was struggling to speak or move, this eventually caused insomnia; I often wouldn’t go to sleep until early morning. Eventually, I became frustrated by my not being able to remember words and this made me overwhelmed with anxiety and depression.”

The man is now suggesting energy drinks should come with warning labels like cigarettes do.

“I believe there should be greater awareness about energy drinks and their bad effects. They are very addictive and too available to kids.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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