4 Ways To Instantly Cure Low Back Pain

You are walking down the road. Sitting at your desk. Cooking in your kitchen. Wherever you may be, it is there. That faithful, terrible companion: Pain in the lower back. Yeah, no thanks. What could you do to fix this?

In our newest video series, a physical therapist will help guide you through some step-by-step stretches for lower back pain. The following is a deep dive into four stellar moves to help relieve your lower back pain.

4 Stretches for the Lower that will increase Better Mobility

Lumbar Windshield

While you are lying flat on your back starting in a supine position with your knees bent and feet are flat on the floor (a little wider than your shoulders are), drop the knees down from each side. Repeat this five times each side.

Figure 4 Lumbar Windshield

A tweak on the first one with one leg positioned in the figure 4, it works great by using one of your feet to press downward on the other knee, allowing you to make a stretch through your top quad and hip to target the lateral and anterior aspect. Perform five repetitions per side, working within a range of motion that is comfortable.

Child’s Pose

Position yourself into the quadruped stance (on all fours), then sit back on the heels of your feet while your hands remain straight out in front of you and planted on the ground. Walk the hands from the left to the right to help enhance your stretch.

Pigeon Pose

Give your glutes some extra love with the pigeon pose stretch. Begin in a pushup stance, then thread one of your legs up towards the front of the body and drop the outside of the shin on the floor. This position targets your hips and glutes while stretching out the lower back.

Do not worry about extending completely into every pose, especially if you are just now starting out. Boosting your range of motion will come eventually. Focus on using proper form and run through the four moves in these videos consistently and should result in relief.

“Back pain doesn’t have to be debilitating for you,” Giordano said. “You could still do any normal routines and normal activities, just modified. Use these stretches to boost mobility and lower stress on the lower back, so you are able to continue to do everything you would like to do without tension in the lower back.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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