4 Foods (And Drinks) For Sexual Performance And Longevity

So many parts of life are different as we get older, but by making certain lifestyle changes with longevity as your goal, you can protect yourself with an A+ quality of life for a long time. For example, there are fitness routines and nutrition plans all connected to the promotion of living longer. This focus on longevity goes beyond simply living healthy and goes into having a fulfilling sex life, too.

To support your sense of intimacy staying with you throughout your life, experts say incorporating some foods for sexual longevity in your diet might help.

But, you might wonder, which foods can support this healthy sexual longevity? Read on to discover four foods that help maintain sexual longevity, regardless of your age.

4 foods that boost sexual longevity

1. Figs

Figs, especially dried figs, are a wonderful snack to put into your diet, especially due to their robust antioxidant content and high polyphenol profile. This helps to keep your cells healthy while also removing harmful free radicals, and causing your body to feel spry. That feeling can then go into an interest in sex and being intimate.

2. Turkey

Foods that are high in the amino acid L-arginine can aid with your testosterone and your blood flow, which can go down in some people as you age. Turkey is among those foods.

L-arginine is an amino acid that aids in making protein. It also relaxes your blood vessels, increases your blood flow and has been proven to help with many cases of erectile dysfunction.

3. Avocados

As you get older, your hormone production goes down—which is why it is important to consume foods that help in hormone regulation for sexual longevity. The foods that nutritionists say are helpful in hormone regulation include foods packed with vitamins D and E. And avocados are perfect for this.

4. Beetroot juice

A 2020 study released in Food Science and Nutrition showed that the nitrates from beetroot juice transform to nitric oxide after drinking it, and nitric oxide is related to your blood pressure and getting more oxygen. Lowered blood pressure is related to lowered risk of heart disease, and more oxygen is related to improved sports performance. Both of these can help your sexual longevity.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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