4 Reasons Cold Showers Are a Man’s Best Friend

Cold showers are a terrible experience at first, for sure. But it turns out they are worth the initial pain. In fact, according to doctors there are some serious health benefits of taking cold showers which should cause you to turn the knob to cold instead of hot.

1. Improves Circulation

Stronger blood circulation is connected to better exercise and eating healthy, but cold showers can also have this same effect. Bad blood circulation can cause blood to thicken and put a strain on your heart and can even lead to strokes or heart attacks. But taking some time to be in cold water causes your blood to rush to vital organs in order to protect them from the temperature change. Your heart needs to pump blood through your vessels to do this. This helps improve your cardiovascular circulation.

2. Aids With Weight Loss

Cold showers can boost your metabolism and as a result, help you with any weight loss goals you have. When your body is cold it must work more to warm itself. This work means more burned calories. And research also reveals that taking cold showers stimulates brown fat. This brown fat will eliminate the worse white fat which accumulates around your waist and vital organs.

3. Boosts Skin And Hair Health

If you have ongoing bad hair or bad skin, cold showers might help reverse those issues and cause your hair and skin to become healthier. Cold water has been shown to reduce the size of skin pores and reduce the oil skin makes in hot temperatures. In comparison, hot showers can irritate human skin and dry it out, which leads to the skin losing moisture easily. Cold water will also stimulate hair follicle growth and youthfulness.

4. Increase Lymphatic Circulation.

Your lymphatic system contains vessels that run through your body and help to remove waste, toxins, and bacteria. The fluid in this system needs movement to be able to perform these tasks. But sadly, most people today don’t get enough of the exercise required for this movement. This leads to a build up of toxins and can cause many diseases to form. While blood gets pushed through your body continuously by your heart, the lymphatic system does not have a similar pump. Taking a routine cold shower will help contract your lymph vessels which means the lymph fluid will be moved throughout your body and in turn the wastes will get eliminated.

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