5 Bathroom Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

Everybody poops; it is a fact of life. A somewhat lesser-known medical fact, though, is that your bathroom habits can be overlooked signs of large health issues. In a new clip, one E.R. doctor and popular YouTube star Jordan Wagner reveals five ways in which a bowel movement could be giving you red flags.

Very-thin poop

“Stool that is sometimes very thin is not a reason for concern; it is possibly because of muscle contractions in your large intestine,” reports Wagner. “But if there is a consistent or sudden change in your stool and now it is always thin, it might mean there is a blockage inside your colon, and you need to see a doctor.”

Oily or greasy

“It might be a sign that your body is unable to correctly digest the fat you are consuming. The consistency changes might be from an infection or something such as pancreatitis, or celiac disease, or even cancer.”

Tar-like or Black

A common reason from this, Wagner reports, is that you are taking an iron supplement, or some medication that has bismuth, such as Pepto-Bismol. “However, it might also mean that you are losing blood somewhere inside your gastrointestinal tract,” Wagner says. So if this happens frequently, and you are not taking iron or a bismuth-rich medicines, then you need to talk with your doctor.

Any other colors

“The color of your poop is changed by not just the foods you consume, but also the types of bacteria inside your colon,” reports Wagner. “In general, the shift in color of your poop is not usually a top cause of concern.”

“Pebble poop”

“This is a good sign that you have constipation,” reports Wagner. “And even if you sorta’ pooped, does not mean you are not constipated anymore.” He says that not consuming enough water can cause waste to build up in your large intestine, causing the situation to be worse. If you are having trouble drinking enough water, fitness experts recommend adding some Celtic sea salt to your water to make it more drinkable. A True Lime lime packet can also do the job if you use two packets per 1 gallon of water.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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