5 Easy Ways To Motivate Yourself

By Nichole Odijk Demario February 6th, 2020 | Image Source : Muscle and Fitness

Use these tips to keep your eyes on the prize for long-term training success.

Your body is a miraculous vessel that will learn to adapt to nearly any challenge you lay before it. It’s never an easy journey, but one that is well worth the hours of sweat you put in each week at the gym. However, while on the path to accomplishing your training goals, you will find you have to continuously challenge your mind and body to succeed and advance to the next level.

Here are five ways to accomplish those weight-training victories.

1. Selfie Time

Whether you post, tweet, blog, vlog, or more, you need to document this journey. At the very least take a “beginning” photo of yourself in a few consistent poses, preferably in the same outfit, and place it prominently in your home as a reminder of where you started.

Revisit those poses and take new photos on a monthly basis to track and boost your progress. If you want to showcase a “Transformation Tuesday,” go for it. Those pats on the back for a job well-done may be exactly what you need to keep at it.

2. Accountability

Not everyone wants to work out with others. That’s a personal preference that shouldn’t be forced. However, having someone you are accountable to may aid in success at the gym.

Whether you send a text to a like-minded family member or friend, or log calories and/or workouts on an app you belong to that others can view, it all keeps you honest. If working out with others motivates you, use it to your advantage and reap the rewards.

3. Weigh Out There

Bulking up or leaning down can lead to an unhealthy relationship with your scale. It’s tempting to weigh yourself morning, noon, and night, hoping it moves in the direction you want.

Pick one day a week and a particular time of day, and commit to weighing yourself then and only then. A number of variables can affect your weight from day to day. An unexpected number on the scale due to too-frequent weigh-ins can wreak havoc to your state of mind, which can quickly derail you.

4. Measuring Up

Grab your tape measure and get to measuring chest, biceps, waist, and thighs, and jot it down. Between your photo visual, a support system, and strategically weighing and measuring yourself, you’ll know where you stand in getting the chiseled physique you’ve been striving for.

Choose the day of the week that’s best for you, and make it a date. When you’re making serious gains, the scale can play mind games with you. Measurements are an excellent failsafe.

5. The Next Level

Every workout needs what I call the grand finale. It’s that last set—one more cardio burst, an extra plate on the rack—just to prove to yourself you can.

A workout isn’t worth doing unless you’re willing to try to take it to the next level. You may not always succeed or leave the gym feeling like it was the best workout you’ve ever had, but knowing you’ve put all the pieces in place for victory will make all the difference in the long run.

Author: Nichole Odijk Demario


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