5 Hacks For Super Deep Sleep


One of the worst parts of having a sleepless night is struggling through the next full day with absolutely no energy or spark. Whether you are feeling more stressed or are suffering from insomnia, the inability to have a good night’s sleep could negatively impact all aspects of your life. If you are having trouble getting good sleep, you will likely love learning all about the sleep tips, tricks and the best-kept secrets that are out there. If you have the right approach on deck, you’ll be well on your way to dreamland snoozing in no time. You are in luck, because some of the most popular, best sleep tricks from TikTok have been revealed.

TikTok has a lot of relaxing sleep tricks, and the wellness professionals have checked all of them out. We have the scoop, so soon enough, you will know how to fall asleep like a total professional. From eating bananas to going to sleep with your socks on. Keep reading to learn more about the best sleep hacks from TikTok that you should try soon.

1 — Keep your socks on if you would like a restful snooze

Warm feet can be a total win for getting some great sleep. Why? Well, keeping socks on along with your PJs could enhance the blood flow going to your feet, which can lead to cooling down your body temperature. So, keep your socks on if you would like to fall asleep faster and get a restful night sleep.

2 — A cup of tea can be great for your sleep

Pouring a cup of chamomile tea could help you drift off to sleep faster. Prepare it in your favorite cup and drink up. Then, get cozy under your covers and get ready to snooze.

3 — Massage the back of your ear

Massaging the crevice in the back of your ears in a circular pattern for about 100 to 200 times is a great acupressure movement. The repetitive stimulation could be quite relaxing for your nervous system.

4 — Stretch it out, and try to take some deep breaths with yoga

To do This TikTok sleep trick, you will park your butt on your yoga mat close to a wall and get as close as you can to it. Straighten your legs out on the wall, pointing both feet upwards to the ceiling. For about a minute, take several deep breaths. That is it before bedtime!

5 — Bananas are the name of the sleep game

If you did not already know this, potassium could calm your muscles down a bit, and magnesium is able to calm your mind. Bananas are packed full of magnesium and potassium, so get ready to peel!

Author: Blake Ambrose

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