5 Targeted Moves For Bigger Biceps

By Men's Journal editors July 17th, 2020 | Image Source: Men's Journal

With summer in full swing, you’re no doubt spending more time with your arms exposed. As such, there’s no shame in wanting bigger biceps. You’ve just got to put in the time to hone greater size, strength, and muscle definition. While many upper-body exercises hit both the tris and bis, there are some that really isolate the biceps to make your arms really pop.

To get you started, we’ve rounded up a collection of hyper-targeted workouts from fitness enthusiasts on Instagram. These moves are designed to produce three-dimensional muscle you’ll be proud to show off––just don’t forget to train those triceps, too (here are the 15 best triceps exercises of all time).

Bonus: We also included a simple guide that explains the difference between biceps and triceps workouts.

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Primer: Biceps vs. Triceps Exercises

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Biceps Workout 🏆 @vqfit 🔥 ————————————————— 👇SAVE & Swipe Bicep Exercises👇 1. Seated Alternate Hammer Curls – 3 x 8 2. Halfway Curls – 3✖️8 3. Seated Bicep Curls – 3✖️8 4. Inner Dual Curls – 3✖️8 5. Seated Dual Hammer Curls – 3✖️15 ————————————————— DM for Coaching, Workout Plans, Nutrition Plans 📈 —————————————————- Gear – Vanquish Exodus Mens Black Shorts 🔥 . . . . #simplebuteffective #basicworkout #simplework #apartmentworkout #apartmentgym #homegains #homegym #biceppump #bicepgains #bicepexercise #biceppeak #showupeveryday #trainingguide #workoutsplit #biceptraining #arms #armsday

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Dumbbell-Only Biceps Blast

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Cable Pulley Biceps Burnout

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Bicep Building Exercises👇 ————————————— 1. Spider Curls (2✖️12) 2. Seated Curls (2✖️12) 3. Single Arm Curls (2✖️10 each) 4. Hammer Curls (2✖️12) 5. Preacher Curls (2✖️10 each) 6. Barbell Curls (2✖️12) – 👉 Here’s my main tips for training biceps. Always keep the weight out in front, never have your arm perpendicular to the floor. Always keep about a 10 degree angle out front. Avoid too large of a movement when completely the reps, although you should always extend your arm completely, you should not bring it too far up, as this is when you will loose all the tension. – SAVE this workout for later and SHARE with a friend who could use this! Let me know what you think of this routine below. – – – – #biceps #bicep #bicepworkout #bicepsworkout #bicepcurls #bicepday #arms #armday #armsworkout #armworkout

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Biceps Curls Variations

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Preacher Curl Variations

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💥BODYWEIGHT BICEP EXERCISES💥 -Bar Curls -Ring Hammer Curls -Ring Pelican Curls -TRX Curls -One Arm Chinup Eccentric . I need to do these more often! 😏 After your major compound pulling exercises, try out 1 or 2 of these bodyweight bicep burners. Aim for approximately 8-15 reps and 3-6 sets. Except the One Arm Chin Eccentrics, only do about 1-4 reps per set since this one is a bit heavy. . It can be difficult to progressively overload exercises like these. I suggest pushing for more reps per set or doing more sets. You can also just perform each set to failure. This way you know you've gotten the most out of any set at any intensity. (It's difficult to keep track of intensity because of how high the rings are, and how slanted your body is…) Once you feel like you're ready for more of a challenge, increase the intensity by moving your feet closer to or even behind the base of support (rings or bar). . 📋SAVE THESE EXERCISES TO REVIEW LATER🏴 #calisthenics #calisthenicsmotivation #calisthenicsworkout #calisthenicsaroundtheworld #bodyweightworkout #bodyweighttraining #bodyweightexercises #biceps #bicepworkout #bodyweightbicepcurl #anytimeanywhere #biceptraining #bicepisolation #calisthenicexercises #armtraining #isolationexercises #calisthenicstraining #tampagym #pumpworkout #barbrothers #streetworkout #bodyweightbiceps #bodybyrings #calisthenicarms

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Bodyweight-Only Biceps Builder

Author: Men’s Journal editors

Source: Men’s Journal: 5 Targeted Workouts for Bigger Biceps

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