5 Ways To Lose Fat Fast

We talked with a few dietitians to get their advice on how to lose weight this year, so you could spend less time researching how to shed pounds and more time losing weight. Here are some of their best weight loss tips for 2022.

1 — Get sufficient sleep

“It is amazing what a great night of sleep will do for you. First, it could cut those sugar cravings and help you balance the hormones that regulate appetite and hunger. Plus, it can also help you feel much more energetic in the gym after getting a good night’s rest.” -Su-Nui Escobar

2 — Quit the all-or-nothing attitude toward healthy eating

“Many individuals gain weight as they restrict their eating too much for several days, but after snacking on a little something that is not in their ‘diet,’ they overeat until the next Monday when the diet begins again.” -Escobar

3 — Eat protein with each meal

“Pay special attention to eating added protein in your breakfast. This will help keep you full for longer, making it easier to resist high-fat, high-calorie foods until your next meal.” -Escobar

4 — Plan your sweets and snacks

“Have a few healthier alternatives that you can eat as snacks. There will be some days when you want a a sweet or small snack and having healthy alternatives could help you eat more of what you want and still lose weight.” -Escobar

5 — Supporting a healthier gut microbiome

“The gut is often known as our second brain and therefore what we feed it has an impact on so many other processes in our bodies. In fact, research relating to the effect that diet has on the microbiome and therefore obesity is being studied a lot more recently. To support a healthy microbiome, the healthy bacteria in the gut should be nourished the right way. You could consume a nutrient-dense diet by: (1) eating at least half of a plate of vegetables at most meals, (2) Including probiotic supplements or foods, (3) eating a lot of fiber-rich foods to feed your healthy gut microbes, and (4) putting a limit on the amount of alcohol you consume as much as possible.” –Angela L. Lago

Author: Scott Dowdy

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