50-Year-Old Boxer Reveals How He “Beats Up 20 Year Olds”

Aleks Paunovic is famous worldwide for his last 20 years as an 6’5″ 260 pound action star and boxer.

He was introduced to the gym environment when he started following in his dad’s path to become a boxer. He went on to become a champion boxer with hopes of competing in the 1999 Pan American Games. This was before a shoulder injury got in his way and he retired from the ring.

“My father gave me great advice,” he says. “Dad told me it is not about your punch’s power. It’s about throwing it correctly. So, master it, and then you bring speed. Form comes before speed. When you combine form and speed, then you have power.”

Paunovic is a fan of traditional exercises like carrying logs and running on beaches, which he says are not only functional, but also keep you mentally tough.

While he is no longer be in his 20s, the former boxer still says he enjoys training with greater intensity, so he mixes up the length of his workouts to make room for this intensity.

Generally, his workouts last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes, and he works out at least six times every week. For cardio, Paunovic likes to do uphill walks or runs, so he puts the treadmill onto a high elevation.

The 51yo actor says his body seems to match well with the keto diet. “Once I removed all the bread, and really focused on fats and proteins, my energy and weight levels really started to get in great shape. Before, sugars and bread did not bother me. Now, they sure do, so keto has helped me out a lot,” he says.

Paunovic also says he gets a lot from intermittent fasting. Currently, he is using a 16:8 fasting ratio. His first meal will usually be a cheese omelet with bacon and avocado. Then coffee with almond milk and he is a huge fan of veggies, but he also admits he always has room for white fish and steak.

“Since I am older now, I must train smarter,” he says. “When I trained for boxing, my mindset was to work hard, so my opponent didn’t have a chance. But now, with acting, it is more about looks and cardio.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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