57yo Actor Reveals His Age-Reversing “Healthy Habits List”

There are many actors who are getting more distinguished and handsome as they age. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Idris Elba, Timothy Olyphant, Daniel Craig, to name only a handful. But there are fewer male celebs who seem to simply not be aging at all, or even if they are, at a much slower rate than other male celebs. And after Paul Rudd (long established as the Hollywood Dorian Gray), the second best example is Rob Lowe.

The actor, who is 57, recently revealed just how well time is now treating him in a new throwback social media post on his personal Instagram account, in which he makes a mocking pose similar to a picture from one of his early movie roles. “911: Lonestar 2021 compared to the Youngblood 1985,” Rob said under the picture, saying: “Who wore it better?”

Look, we are not being naive here. There are some difference between Lowe of the 1980s and the 57-year-old now playing a firefighter captain in the show 9-1-1: Lone Star. But you must admit the guy is working very well with what he has got.

Lowe credits his youthful look not to better genes, or some strange Faustian pact, but to a good exercise routine and a high-protein, low-carb diet, and a thorough skincare routine (he even created his own men’s skincare product line). He first found that he had a passion for fitness while he played a pro athlete in the film Youngblood—“It was the first time I worked with a trainer and did real weight work,” he said to Men’s Health back in 2019—and exercise later turned into an important part of Lowe’s recovery when he got sober in 1990.

Now he says that surfing is his go-to method for keeping fit and avoiding getting a dadbod, which he says has worried him in the past. “Guys usually deny having any vanity—that is the biggest vanity,” he said. “Not me. I am vain as fuck.”

Health experts say the best way to reduce aging is exactly what Lowe has done. Exercise, diet and doing something you love are all great ideas!

Author: Blake Ambrose

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