63yo Shares Routine That Removed 8% Body Fat Effortlessly

I was always involved in some kind of physical activity, from weight lifting to fighting, and near my 60th birthday I ventured into bodybuilding. However, it was not unusual for me to miss several months at once for all kinds of reasons. On top of family and work, numerous surgeries led me to stop my training. I have had both my shoulders decompressed, and a deviated septum fixed (the result of my Tae Kwon Do practice) and had a spinal surgery that took three months away from my training.

But recently, because of gym shutdowns, I was working out only at home. I have never felt that pure bodyweight workouts are appealing, and had just minimal equipment at the start of my quarantine. I bought some resistance bands, but the pandemic caused a long delay in them being shipped. The result being that my workout became very inconsistent.

On the nutrition side, I struggled to stick to my plan for healthy eating, and of course we also found ourselves drinking too much and sitting and watching too much TV.

I eventually decided to signup for a 60-Day Challenge. My trainer Bob encouraged me to go through with it. I was disappointed with my extra body fat that I had got, and wanted to get back to a healthier state. So I decided to enroll.

Bob and I began two three-day split training. The first being heavier compound moves, and the second was high rep isolation moves.

He let me decide what I wanted to do for cardio, but encouraged me to start each day with a fasting cardio. I started each day with water, one coffee, and a 45-minute walk. Then there was my first meal. I then did weight training for 60 minutes before eating meal number two. Another 45-minute walk was after meal three and then my shower, and finally meals number four and five. On my days of not lifting weights, I would replace my walking routine with a 30-minute elliptical machine.

Nutrition was low carb for the starting three weeks to get my metabolism revved up. I then moved into a few weeks of carb cycling. Bob recommends five low days then two high days, but I think three low and one high is better for myself.

I started the 60-day challenge at 22.9% body fat. I ended it at 17.8% body fat. Since then, my training has led me down to 15.1%. I feel so much more better as a result. Pullups are even getting easy, which means I am almost ready to move to weighted pullups.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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