7 Foods That Actually Burn Belly Fat

You probably know that some foods can increase your metabolism and help you burn fat. These fat-scorching foods create a thermogenic effect in your body and help you shed pounds by burning visceral fat and belly fat.

The following list has such foods, and they are perfect for weight loss. When combine them with a proper exercise routine, you can accelerate your weight and fat loss.

There are many diets that recommend “prescribed” fat-burning foods. Think of this list like that. A list of 7 fat burning foods that contain special compounds and natural ingredients that help your internal thermogenic furnace to quickly burn fat.

1. Eggs

Eggs are filled with protein and when combined with vegetables they create a delicious and natural vegetable omelet.

One study revealed that people who eat eggs for breakfast along with vegetables lose twice as much weight as those who only eat carbs for breakfast. As much as 65% more.

The egg-eating group in the study was shown to have:

  • 34% more reduction in waist size
  • 16% more reduction in body fat

2. Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is a high-quality protein that helps you lower body fat and keep muscle mass in a healthy way.

Compared to carbs, protein can keep you fuller for longer. And it can help with cravings too.

According to one study done on 27 obese men, protein of 25-30% of calorie intake was proven to lower cravings by 60% and desire to have a snack by 50%.

Increasing your protein intake is proven to drastically reduce cravings late at the night.

Protein also has a high thermogenic effect: You burn around 30% of the calories from the food during digestion.

3. Green Tea

Green tea does not have a lot of caffeine, but it does have between 25-50 mg per cup.

Green tea also has Catechins that are proven to reduce visceral fat.

A 12-week trial tested 240 people and found that the ingestion of a Green Tea Extract, which is high in catechins, led to a lowering in body fat, and LDL cholesterol and could contribute to a decrease in cardiovascular disease risks.

A lot of folks find success in replacing coffee with green tea extract!

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has essential fatty acids called Medium Chain Fatty Acids.

Studies reveal that these fatty acids keep you fuller longer, helping you to eat less per day.

A 12-week trial with 40 people between 20–40 years old showed that supplementation with coconut oil seemed to promote a decrease in obesity.

5. Chili Peppers

These peppers have a compound known as ‘Capsaicin’ that is proven in a study to have a positive impact on substrate oxidation and weight management after modest weight loss.

You can eat this food easily by adding flakes to sauces or soups.

If you don’t like spicy foods, you can get the benefits from Capsaicin through a compound called Dihydrocapsiate that will not put your mouth ablaze but yet still behaves as a thermogenic food.

6. High-Protein Breakfast

The evidence is very high that it is easier to lose fat when you start your day with a high protein meal.

A study done on 35 overweight people found that high protein breakfasts giving 30 or 39 grams of protein gave a greater appetite control, and lowered intake at lunch compared to a low-protein control, or no breakfast at all.

Always go for protein and fiber for your breakfast to kick-start your fat burning furnace. If you are in a rush, go for a protein smoothie with Greek yogurt and berries blended up.

7. Apples

According to a study, people who consumed 300 grams of apples (the equivalent of 1.5 large apples) per day lost nearly 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg). The study was done over 12 weeks.

Still, yet another study on moderately obese people discovered that apple polyphenols managed fat metabolism in healthy folks with relatively high body fat.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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