70yo Bodybuilding Legend Reveals How He Stays Fit

The Incredible Hulk star and Two-time Mr. Universe winner Lou Ferrigno may be 70 years old, but he is still training like a pro bodybuilder in the gym, despite him retiring over two decades ago. In a new Facebook Live video session, the actor said that he trains in the gym every single day and is remaining consistent in his nutrition and fitness schedule, as that is really the only way that he has been able to achieve the results that he has during his career. He went on to further detail what he said was his “best kept workout secret.”

“There are three great secrets,” he says. “Sleep good, eat good and train good. And remember just one thing: health is and always will be your greatest wealth. Do not ever forget that.”

In the clip, Loue Ferrigno has also pointed to a photo of himself from a long time ago during his professional bodybuilding days, when he was a giant “shredded 300 pounder” at the age of 43. He says that he spent a lot of time eating between four to five low-carb, high-protein meals every day and performing a lot of cardio exercises as well as part of his weight training. “There were weeks when I would be in the gym training twice a day almost every day,” he says. “It was kind of like having a full-time job, because for you to be in that type of condition, you really have to have a big drive to compete, and nothing at all should stand your way, no excuses.”

He went on to state that the most crucial component in his prep for bodybuilding competitions was his mindset and the way he was thinking: “The determination to do what you need to do to have success and go after all of your goals, that is what a lot of people lack in today’s world. You have got to really believe in yourself, you have got to really love your passion very deeply, and you also have got to be incredibly fit inside, physically, mentally, emotionally.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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