73-Year Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals His New Fat-Loss Trick

Arnold Schwarzenegger announced recently that he gave himself a weight loss challenge: “I will lose weight and get back down to 218. I will dominate March. Who is with me?” he said.

Yesterday, Arnold gave an update on his goal, revealing that he is now only five pounds away from his target thanks to increasing his workouts and drawing back his diet.

“I went harder on my bike rides and removed bread this month and I am almost at my goal of 218, I still have 5 lbs left., he said.

In addition to his bike rides and weight training, Schwarzenegger shared that he is skiing for an extra dose of strength and cardio.

“It is so vital to get routine exercise, but also to do the extra activities that give you happiness and remind you of why you do the training, even though skiing always destroys my thighs., he wrote.

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Author: Scott Dowdy

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