73yo Musician Reveals How He Stays Thin And Energetic

How To Be Thin And Energetic In Your 70s — Tips From A Famous Singer

Bob Weir is a legend in the music scene after founding the Grateful Dead in the ’60s along with Jerry Garcia. And he is still very much getting stuff done at the age of 73, as he has proved through social media by sharing a short clip (on TikTok) of his workout routine that he did before a concert at Hershey Park with The Dead & Company.

Using two TRX straps, Weir does a series of moves including side lunges, lunges and a squat variation. “The crucial thing here is that Weir is not training to get big muscles—he is working for better movement, which makes more sense for an older man who spends his days up the stage,” says fitness guru Brett Williams. “He is focused on going in different planes of motion.”

Training more than only one motion and focusing on your muscles from many different angles is a useful way to create better strength in your daily life, and boost your performance inside the gym. “Usually, we go with the sagittal plane (which is front-to-back) moves for almost every workout,” he says. “But Weir is doing frontal plane (which is side-to-side) moves with side lunges and then mace work and doing transverse (rotational) moves with his TRX twists.”

Elsewhere in the social media clip, Weir is seen swinging a mace, an ancient move that is one of his top exercises over the years. “The practice is a thousand year old thing,” Weir said to Men’s Health back in 2019. “The old martial art was swinging a large and heavy mace and keeping your balance and staying collected. You can feel when you are slipping away from the correct form; there is a timelessness about the exercise.”

Weir’s longstanding drive to stay fit has stayed with him over time, but he is always looking for fun and new ways to keep in shape. He started running back in the ’70s and will routinely “go for a trot” wherever he is on tour.

“At my age, if you let it all go, it won’t come back,” said Weir during an interview. “I have so much I want to do. And I fuckin’ live for it.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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