8 Signs Your Migraine Could Kill You

Migraines can be intense. Causing pain, sensitivities to light or sound, along with vomiting. And for some, the symptoms might be so terrible that they decide to go to the emergency room. In fact, migraines cause around 1.2 million ER visits every year in America alone.

If you have a migraine, it’s important to know about some serious signs that might require emergency care. This is especially true if you’re having new or unusual symptoms. Another reason would be if your headache only gets worse after your regular treatment.

Seek immediate attention if your headache is coupled with:

  • a high fever
  • sudden onset headache or a sudden change in baseline headache
  • neck stiffness
  • changes to speech or vision
  • muscle weakness
  • convulsions
  • numbness or tingling sensation
  • confusion or changes in awareness

A migraine that happens within seconds, especially after age 50, is a significant sign you need emergency help.

Headaches can sometimes indicate a more severe underlying emergency, such as a stroke. If you have risk factors for stroke or heart disease, or liver or kidneys disease, consider taking extra care.

Also remember that migraines with vision changes or neurological symptoms could heighten your risk for stroke.

While a migraine is a manageable problem, it is vital to recognize these danger signs that might mean a visit to the ER is required.

If you experience any sudden headaches with these serious symptoms, go to the ER immediately.

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