Almost 60? Here’s 3 Upcoming ‘Suprises’ No One Warned You About

One day you are in your 50s, the next you are in your sixties. What is the difference? Well, your body changes when you get older— you know this by now—and your sixties are an especially crucial decade. So keep reading to find out the 3 health habits you need to stop doing as soon as you hit 60.

1 — Think Twice Before Taking This Painkiller

A young person might take an NSAID (such as an aspirin, Motrin or Advil) to deal with a hangover, or after a long day’s work. As you age, you might want to limit your use of this kind of drug, or at least talk about it with your doctor. “NSAIDs are among of the most common triggers for adverse drug reactions,” says one research study. “As a patient gets older, and the amount of medications go up, NSAIDs in the elderly should be given with caution. NSAIDs being used with specific medication can increase your risk of gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers.”

2 — Stop Thinking of Alzheimer’s as only a Possibility—and Look for The Symptoms

Now is the time to not just worry about Alzheimer’s, but actually look for the signs of it. “Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common form of dementia, is an irreversible brain disease that harms almost 6 million American citizens. It is the fifth cause of death for people aged 65 or over,” says the CDC.

3 — Don’t Believe That Joint Pain is Normal. It Could be Arthritis.

“Arthritis is very normal but not understood. Actually, “arthritis” is not one disease; it is simply how we refer to joint disease and pain,” says the Arthritis Foundation. “Common arthritis symptoms are swelling, stiffness, pain and lowered range of motion. Symptoms might come and go, and could be mild, moderate or sometimes severe. They might stay the same for many years and then get worse. Severe arthritis can lead to chronic pain, inability to perform daily activities and having a hard time walking or climbing stairs. Arthritis can lead to permanent joint changes. These changes might be visible, like knobby joints in your fingers, but often this damage can only be caught through an X-ray.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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