Arnold Reveals His Back-Building Secret 

After having emergency heart surgery in 2020, Arnold Schwarzenegger challenged himself to cut his weight and get healthier this year by working harder on his weight lifting and changing up his diet. The former pro bodybuilder gave an update about his progress, and showed his thankfulness at being able to get back to his workout routine now that he was vaccinated.

“Here is a video of me working out at Gold’s Gym this last week,” he said. “I love how I am vaccinated and can go back to the gym – working out at home is not the same.”

In the youtube video, you can see him doing a pullover—a great exercise for working the back and abs—on a machine.

“This is a movement, especially using a machine, where you can do heavy weights, and that gives a lot of growth stimulus,” says fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, although he says it is best done as a third exercise, instead of the primary back-building move in your workout.

Schwarzenegger also spoke about his public image, and the opinion that he is the type of guy who never rests, either in his fitness or career. “While it is very important to work hard, sometimes your brain needs a reset,” he said.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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