Arnold Shares His Most “Hated” Workout Secret

Arnold Schwarzenegger took to social media to give everyone some vital—and somewhat jarring—reminder about an often-neglected component of any man or woman’s healthy regimen.

“Flexibility is just as vital as weight training, so here we go,” he said, seeming to do a full split on his kitchen countertop. “Bring your arms in, and then lean over gently to the side,” Schwarzenegger explained, slowly leaning over and going for his right foot, before doing it again on his left side.

“Anyway,” he said, moving away from what is suddenly obvious to be fake legs. “I feel very flexible today, feeling really good about myself.”

While it’s a good joke for the 72-year-old, it contains a big fitness truth: If you’re not working on your mobility, you are not doing yourself any long-term favors, especially if you’re spending hours hunched over in a computer chair.

As physical therapist Rachel Tavel has said, “All this bad posture can damage our bodies over time and mess up your alignment. Muscles that should be shortened and lengthened as you move, instead stay short, making them tight and possibly limiting to your movement.”

So while Arnold was playing a prank, his point still stands as 100% genuine. And most men might hate to admit it, but they spend way too much time worrying about weight training and strength, while not thinking enough about the flexibility part of their fitness regimen.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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