Batman Star Gets Ripped… By Drinking “Gallons” Of This

By Aj Caulfield November 1st, 2019 | Image Source : Looper

If you want to be Batman, you want to be buff. 

That fact’s not lost on Robert Pattinson, the English actor who went from the Harry Potter franchise to the Twilight franchise to a whole host of critically acclaimed indie films before landing the coveted role of Bruce Wayne in director Matt Reeves’ The Batman

The film — an “almost noir-driven” tale that places emphasis on the thoughts and emotions of Bruce Wayne, who will exercise the full scope of his world-class detective skills that many film adaptations have overlooked — isn’t set to fly into theaters until June 2021, but Reeves is expected getting cameras rolling at the end of 2019 or sometime in early 2020. For Pattinson, that means the pressure is on to get in shape so he can slip into the iconic Bat-suit and be limber enough to perform at least some of his own stunts.

While working the press circuit for his newest feature film, the black-and-white psychological horror pic The Lighthouse from director Robert Eggers, Pattinson revealed that he’s in the “early stages” of buffing up for The Batman. But what exactly does his training regimen entail? Is Pattinson drinking gallons of protein shakes and sticking to kale salads as part of his Batman diet? Is he hitting the gym twice a day for some seriously grueling workout sessions? Here’s what we know so far about how Robert Pattinson will get ripped for The Batman.

Robert Pattinson’s diet to prepare for The Batman

They say that abs are made in the kitchen but revealed in the gym, and Robert Pattinson has a pretty particular method of eating he’s using to build a superhero physique. 

By his own admission, the 33-year-old actor is “an extremist” when it comes to his eating choices — in that he’ll go on a months-long junk food bender before it comes time for him to drop weight. Pattinson’s apparently taking this approach for The Batman, and he’s teased that his everyday menu has consisted mostly of pizza recently.

“I’ll eat nothing but pizzas for months so by the time I have to diet, my body is like, ‘Thank God. Please only healthy stuff from now,'” he said during an interview while promoting The Lighthouse. “I’ve been bulking.”

For those unaware, bulking is a common dietary practice, and can be done by everyone from professional athletes to bodybuilders in their off-season to actors needing to gain body mass for a certain role to an everyday person wanting to literally bulk up their body — either in preparation for a “cut” (a period of fat and weight loss intended to reveal the muscle built in the bulking phase) or simply to keep extra pounds on their frame because they want or need to.

There’s no one “right away” to bulk, though two of the most popular and well-known methods are clean bulking and dirty bulking. Those who clean bulk gain mass by eating in a caloric surplus — intaking more calories than their basal metabolic rate (BMR), the total amount of energy one expends simply by being alive — and choosing healthier foods to chow down on. Think oatmeal and brown rice; almond butter and peanut butter; proteins like salmon, chicken, and lean beef; and healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, and whole-fat coconut milk. Those who dirty bulk, on the other hand, smash in calories from all kinds of sources — the more calorically dense or “dirtier,” the better. 

It certainly sounds like Pattinson is dirty bulking for The Batman, though we’re betting he’s balancing his self-admitted pizza-only diet with some healthier options. After all, Pattinson does have a penchant for exaggerating the truth and sometimes flat-out fibbing (see that now-infamous interview with Matt Lauer during which Pattinson lied about having witnessed a clown die at the circus). So while his current best friends may be Papa John and Little Caesar, the actor likely gets down with some greens every once in a while as well. 

When it comes time to diet, Pattinson will ditch the saucy, cheesy, doughy delights in favor of healthier options. And the way he tells it, when that moment comes, his body will thank him. 

Robert Pattinson’s newfound perspective on exercise will help him get ripped

For actors looking to change their bodies for a film, a fitness routine goes hand-in-hand with their diet of choice — whether that involves very little working out at all paired with a whole lot of pies (Christian Bale’s combo of choice when he was gaining weight to play former Vice President Dick Cheney in Vice), or pushing a 5,000-pound Jeep across a parking lot and only eating junk food as a reward for working out, which is what Brie Larson did while prepping for Captain Marvel. Point is, the exercise (or lack thereof) that an actor does to transform their body for a film is just as important as their diet. 

Pattinson’s a smart guy, so he knows this. And thankfully, he has a new perspective on exercise that makes his Batman movie prep a whole lot easier. 

While speaking to interviewer Margaret Gardiner during the Lighthouse press circuit, Pattinson revealed that he’s “weirdly looking forward” to getting in shape for The Batman — which is all thanks to his new feelings about exercise.

“I didn’t [like exercise] when I was younger. Now as I’ve kind of gotten older […] I’m suddenly getting aware of aging. It’s like I need to put some effort in, otherwise I’m going to need a hip replacement,” he shared with a laugh. 

The actor followed up on that thought in a separate interview for The Lighthouse, stating that he will have to work out a lot to prepare for The Batman, which he’s actually happy about. 

“I used to hate working out. In my 30s, I find it very meditative. It’s weird,” said Pattinson. “When you feel like someone’s not forcing it on you, and you’re doing it for yourself, it’s a very different experience. I’m weirdly looking forward to it.”

We’ve yet to hear exactly how much iron Pattinson will pump at the gym, how much cardio he’ll do, or what areas of his body he’ll focus on growing, but it certainly seems like director Matt Reeves and the crew getting the actor in shape for The Batman won’t force Pattinson into a nightmare-inducing workout regimen. In fact, Pattinson’s methods plans to get ripped for The Batman are pretty enviable: eating pizza for months, going on a diet that his body genuinely wants to be on, and exercising in a way that feels cathartic, with no one forcing him to the treadmill or the barbell rack. Ahh, if only we could all be the newest Batman. 

See the results of Robert Pattinson’s training when The Batman opens in theaters on June 25, 2021.

Author: Aj Caulfield

Source: Looper: How Robert Pattinson will get ripped for The Batman

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