Bicep Tricks For Huge Gains In No Time

To grow large arms it takes a lot. Anyone who has ever done a full bicep workout and gotten no results knows that.

The key to arm growth: You must do the right moves. By changing your arm to a different position, you can workout different parts of your biceps. Also, add in twisting actions and you will influence how you’re stressing your biceps. 

It is vital to use a variety of curling tactics in your arm days. But this does not mean you need to spend hours upon hours working out. Instead, you can build bigger biceps by simply adding in 3 alterations to your dumbbell workouts.

Your biceps have two responsibilities: Creating forearm rotation and bending your elbows. But there are many adjustments to challenge your biceps. Keep these in mind during your workouts.

1 – Changing Your Upper Arm Angle Relative to Your Torso

Change how much your biceps can utilize momentum. Your arms want to go forward on a curl, with your elbows going forward to create momentum to curl.

Limit that possibility by shifting your upper arm angle in front of your torso from the beginning. Like in a preacher curl. This also lets you get a good squeeze in your biceps.

2 – Change Your Pause

One of the awesome things about biceps is that when you stop in the middle of a rep, your biceps have to keep squeezing to hold that spot. (It’s not true for exercises like shoulder presses, where numerous muscles hold the spot). But for curls, pauses should be used to create time-under-tension and force a strong squeeze on the muscle group.

3 – Change Your Twist

The position of your palm changes how your biceps are stimulated. Twisting your palm towards the sky, which is called supinating, is a secondary function of the biceps, and it adds challenge to your curl. But it must happen at the right time. Wait too long during a curl, and you’re not going against enough resistance.

Try to do this when your forearm is parallel to the floor, so your biceps are forced to deal with maximum resistance while making it happen. This will also create mind-muscle connection and train you to supinate on all your curls.

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