Bizarre But Effective Ab Workouts

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Ask anyone about their dream physique and you’ll probably hear a lot about abs. Whether that means losing a few pounds around their midsection or sculpting washboard abs––the core is a key concern for many people.

For those of you still stuck in a crunches conundrum, we rounded up five abdominal workout routines (see below) from fitness enthusiasts on Instagram. Each workout is uniquely tailored to blast your core and help you achieve that six-pack you’ve always wanted.

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Two Dumbells, Six-Pack Abs

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Kettlebell Core Crusher

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Standing Abs Routine

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➕Add Weight for Winning Abs➕ • Happy Saturday guys hope you’ve all had great start to the weekends 🙌🏼 • If you’re looking to see some serious progress with your abs you need to be including weight bearing exercises throughout the week! • Of course your abs are made visible in the kitchen but you can increase their actual size just like any other muscle with progressively higher weights 💪🏼 • Here’s my all time favourite weighted ab workout 🔥 • 1️⃣ Cable Wood Chops x20 2️⃣ Oblique Leans x10 3️⃣ Kettlebell Crunch x20 4️⃣ Russian Twists x20 • 🔁 Repeat 3x • Add this into your week 2-3 times along with some bodyweight ab workouts and watch your core come through 🔥 • #abs #absworkout #absworkouts #abworkout #abworkouts #abscircuit #abscircuits #abcircuit #abcircuits #abtraining #abstraining #abstrainingday #betterabs #definedabs #absexercises #absexercise #abexercises #abexercise #abworkoutvideos #abworkoutvideo #absworkoutvideo #absworkoutvideos #russiantwists #6packabs #6packs #6packworkout #6packsabs #sixpackworkout #sixpackabs #sixpackworkouts

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Weighted Abs Routine

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Hanging Abs Routine

Author: Men’s Journal editors

Source: Men’s Journal: 5 Unique Ab Routines To Chisel Your Core

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