Bizarre Indian “Accelerator” Is Worth All The Hype

You’ve probably heard of turmeric, the golden Indian spice that’s been praised for its many health benefits. It comes from the curcuma longa root. The spice is consumed worldwide, but is especially seen in Indian food and as a treatment for certain health conditions like arthritis and heart conditions.

Turmeric includes many substances that give a number of health benefits. 

One such substance is curcuminoids, which give the most health benefits of Turmeric. Including an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant affect that is world famous. In fact, it is probably the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent in the world.

Which is great for lifters because post-workout, inflammation in your body increases as healing occurs. And excess inflammation can damage your metabolic function, and even damage cellular structures, like arteries.

By using a spice like turmeric, you can boost your workout recovery by lowering inflammation.

One downside to Turmeric is that it is not absorbed very well in the stomach. To get the benefits, supplementation is sometimes needed. But there are ways you can increase your absorption. One of them is: Combine turmeric with black pepper extract and healthy fats.

For example you can add Turmeric with coconut oil, black pepper, and veggies, and chicken to increase its bioavailability. You can also blend turmeric into your post-workout shake. Just be sure to use milk with plenty of fat to bind to the turmeric. 

There’s one problem: When adding the spice to meals, it will have as little at 3% curcuminoids, the beneficial compound. Since this is the case, supplementation might be your best solution. For that, take 1,500 mg of curcumin along with 60 mg of piperine every day. 

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