Consumer Alert: Sharp Plastic Found In Nationwide Grocery Item

Costco is now one of the most loved grocery stores in the country and with good reason. It not only has hard-to-beat prices on almost everything from personal care items to clothing to food, its great customer service and free samples have gotten it a legion of loyal fans.

However, with many items in such a large store, not every Costco product is a winner. And unfortunately, this is the case with one particular Costco-only food item—and now it is getting pulled from the retail heavyweight’s shelves.

On October 19, the U.S. FDA gave a nationwide announcement that Ivar’s Soup & Sauce Company, a business based in Mukilteo, Washington that produces food, had started a recall of around 14,968 packages of its popular Kettle Classic Clam Chowder and Uncured Bacon.

The soup being recalled comes in 24-oz. plastic cups, sold two per sleeve, and can be found usng the UPC code 0 30383 19649 6 and the item number is 1270666, and the use by date is 12-22-2021.

The soup was recalled because Ivar’s got a complaint from a person who reported finding a piece of hard plastic inside their soup container on October 17.

“The plastic found was in the shape of a half circle and has some of the center gone, with edges that are pointed and sharp. This circle has a diameter that is around 1 ½,” Ivar’s says in its recall message.

When the recall was announced, no illnesses or injuries related to eating the soup were reported, but Ivar’s says that anyone who bought the affected products should not eat them.

If you have any of this recalled soup, you should return it to your Costco store to get a full refund or toss it away. Costco has been told to remove these products from shelves. If you bought the soup in question and have concerns about this recall, you can call Ivar’s Soup & Sauce Company this weekday at 425-493-1402.

While the problem only affects Costco products, the event goes to show how important it is to check all pre-packaged products before you eat them.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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