Cook With This For a Healthier, Stronger Heart

A new study has just showed some new information about an often-misunderstood cooking oil. They say that while this oil has confused consumers and scientists for a long time, it actually gives better heart health and lowers your cholesterol.

A group at Pennsylvania State University led a study that was published in the journal of Nutrition. The researchers found that while soybean oil is the most common oil consumed in the world, its dangers are an issue that have confused doctors for some time.

They said:

“Despite the widespread use of soybean oil in the American food supply and its established heart benefits, consumers are less likely to say soybean oil was healthy in comparison to oils like avocado oil and olive oil.”

This is an issue, because while saturated fats are commonly believed to be a cause of heart disease, a 2010 study showed that in 80% of nations, twice the amount of heart disease cases were due to an inadequate amount of omega-6 polyunsaturated fat (which soybean oil is filled with) compared to the cases caused by saturated fat.

In the end, the scientists concluded:

“Evidence shows that soybean oil has good effects on heart disease risk. In addition, dietary data does support soybean oil consumption as a part of a healthy diet for heart health management.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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