Do This 1 Thing Before Bed And Sleep Like a Baby

Many people have trouble getting good sleep on a regular basis. And most of them are not even aware that their lack of good sleep is giving them so many problems!

A routine lack of sleep is among the biggest causes of diseases and stress. Whenever you don’t get enough, you begin losing focus, think slower, are less creative and are less optimistic and healthy. Because of this, getting good sleep is vital for top performance and living a happy life.

I Felt Terrible Before Discovering This Tip

I did not learn this stuff only in theory. I have real experience with the incredible benefits of increasing sleep quality.

I used to believe I was not a ‘morning person’ because I felt terrible every morning. I used coffee to feel more awake, but for the first 2 hours, I would not be able to do anything. I was unfocused and would only start feeling ‘awake’ after 11:00.

Fortunately, that has all changed thanks to this 1 valuable tip that has helped me get much better sleep.

The #1 Tip For Sleep: Sleep In A Completely Dark Room

If you really want to get the optimal sleep you can, you must make your bedroom very dark. Light sources of any type can disrupt your sleep by a lot. This is due to your skin having receptors that can detect light.

Researchers at Brown University found that if there is light inside your room, whether from outside or lights from inside, your body will send messages to your brain that will then interfere with your sleep quality.

Other studies reveal that exposure to room lighting during sleep lowers melatonin (an essential sleep hormone) by over 50%.

Sleeping in complete darkness is something our genes want us to do, and it helps us achieve the deepest sleep possible.

So cover your alarm clock, dim your other lights more, use electrical tape on any LEDs from TVs or other devices, and get blackout curtains for outside light sources.

Your body will thank you, just like mine did.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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