Do This Exercise 3x Per Week For a Longer Life

By Julia Savacool November 15th, 2019 | Image Source : Men's Journal

Strava in a new Window. lovers, some news: Not everyone feels the way you do about running. If you’re not a fan of pavement pounding, don’t hang up your sneakers—step on the brakes. National Taiwan University researchersOpens in a new Window. have dubbed jogging—a pace slower than 10-minute miles—the best exercise to thwart obesity in people predisposed to weight gain. The study showed that with jogging, obesity is easier to combat than it is with cycling or swimming. The study also showed that mountain climbing, walking, yoga, and dancing also mitigate genetic predisposition to obesity.

“Jogging is a full-body exercise,” says Wan-Yu Lin, epidemiology and preventive medicine professor. And it’s a better calorie burner than, say, an ellipticalOpens in a new Window., since the body has to create enough force to carry its weight without being too jarring on joints. You don’t even need to go far; a study from CopenhagenOpens in a new Window. found that jogging as little as 20 minutes three times a week can prolong a man’s lifespan by an average of 6.2 years. Even just one run a week, a recent study indicatesOpens in a new Window., will do the trick. If you’re bummed by the slow pace, the fix is simple—just don’t track it.

Author: Julia Savacool

Source: Men’s Journal: This Is Actually the Best Way to Ward Off Obesity, According to Science

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