Do This Exercise 3X Per Week To Live Longer

Not everyone agrees about running. If you don’t enjoy pavement pounding, keep reading, because researchers have found something incredible that could change your mind.

National Taiwan University researchers have labeled jogging—running at a pace slower than 10-minute miles—the best way to prevent obesity in people sensitive to weight gain.

Their study showed that jogging made it more easy to combat obesity when compared to swimming or cycling. The study also found that walking, mountain climbing, yoga, and dancing also prevented a person’s genetic predisposition to obesity.

“Jogging is a whole body exercise., says Wan-Yu Lin, preventive medicine professor. “And it’s a more efficient calorie burner since the body must create the force to carry its weight without being too harsh on joints., he said.

Another study from Copenhagen discovered that jogging just 20 minutes three times per week can expand a man’s life by 6.2 years.  And still another study even showed that just one jog each week can do the job.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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