Do This To Make Your Workout 10x More Powerful

If you are attempting to be the biggest version of yourself but are not focused on diet, you are doing it all wrong. The benefits of exercise are not only decided by your gym routine. More factors like your diet can radically change physical results.

Nutrition powers everything about your fitness. If you get it right, you will have better energy, making it easier to do your workout.

But if you do the opposite, and eat the wrong foods or eat at the wrong time, you will make it harder to perform at your max during your workouts.

So keep reading so you can get greater output from your exercises, every single time.

1. Plan your meals better

Making food an afterthought is your easy road to ruining your fitness efforts. Too many men do not plan out their nutrition and then go with bad choices when they get hungry.

Consider which times you actually must eat, what your needs are for the day, and when you must have peak energy for your workout.

Tip: Before going to the gym, take in some simple carbs, like sweet cherries.

Just remember this: These meals do not have to be so complicated. You don’t need extensive cooking skills to use peanut butter on a bagel, pour yourself a bowl of cereal, or go for a sandwich with some fruit and a glass of milk.

2. Remember anti-inflammatory foods

Some inflammation is a natural part of your body’s healing process after a workout, but too much of it can actually harm your muscle recovery. Food can be a great way to control exercise-caused inflammation to aid you in recovering faster and possibly lower your pain and soreness.

Anti-inflammatory foods are usually high in antioxidants. So, fruits and veggies are a big deal—especially sweet cherries (which should not be confused with the tart counterpart). 

Research released in the Journal of Nutrition discovered that consuming sweet Bing cherries can greatly decrease inflammatory markers in the body.

3. What to eat before a workout.

Every person’s needs are slightly different but, usually, you want to consider the digestion time of whatever you are eating. You should eat something before a workout that will digest sooner, such as simple carbohydrates. With PB&J and oatmeal as good options.

This boosts your blood sugar and will grant you an awesome energy boost. Foods to avoid before a workout are those high in protein, fat and fiber because they are slower to digest.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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