Does This Shower “Trick” Actually Increase Testosterone? (New Study)

While hot showers are what the majority of people like and use on a daily basis, did you know that cold showers are very helpful?

The research proves that cold showers can:

  • calm itchy skin
  • wake you up better
  • increase your circulation
  • reduce your muscle soreness after a workout
  • increase weight loss
  • help your skin and hair

Itchy skin

Dr. Adam Friedman says that someone with itchy skin can use cold showers to fight the temptation and need to scratch.

Waking up in the morning

When cold water hits you, there’s a little bit of shock. This increases your:

  • heart rate
  • oxygen
  • focus and alertness


Increasing circulation is among the top reasons experts tout cold showers. As cold water runs over your body, it constricts the circulation on the surface of your body. This leads to blood circulating faster to keep your ideal body temperature.

Muscle soreness after working out

Cold water can give you regenerative benefits, it can help your muscles relax and repair after a hard workout. Leading to better workout recovery and more muscle gain.

Weight loss

When you are exposed to cold, your body will react by burning brown fat cells to generate heat. Dr. Gerrit Keferstein, says these brown fat cells are mostly stationed around your neck and shoulders. So they are perfect for cold showers!

And given that obesity is often linked to lower levels of testosterone, experts say cold showers are one road to higher testosterone.

Hair and skin

Though research is limited about cold water’s effects on hair and skin, some evidence seems to suggest positive effects.

Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer says cold water reduces your skin’s blood flow which gives you healthier skin. Other evidence shows that cold water strengthens your hair’s cuticles.

More than that, cold water, unlike hot, does not dry out your skin’s sebum layer, a naturally lubricated barrier that protects your hair.

The benefits of cold showers vs the cons

If you’re not convinced yet that a cold shower is worth the pain, you might want to reconsider your dedication to health. This long list of benefits from a cold shower are amazing, with the list of cons being very short:
  • They may not be a good idea if you’re already cold.
  • They aren’t good if you’re sick, have a heart condition or are at risk of blood clots.
Author: Scott Dowdy

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