Drink This To Shrink Belly Fat After 50

It is crucially important for you to not look at all forms of body fat as being equal. For example, there is subcutaneous fat, which is the protective fat just underneath your skin. This kind of fat is not nearly as dangerous as what they call visceral fat, which is near your internal organs inside your stomach area.

In fact, according to the study from Chicago University, there is a strong connection between too much visceral fat and metabolic disease, insulin resistance, and even death. Harvard Health also says that visceral fat can boost your cholesterol levels and is connected to an increased risk of heart disease too.

It’s also vital to stress that while changing your daily diet can help greatly, using exercise and lowering your stress when you can is also helpful to losing your visceral fat.

1 — Avoid booze

When it comes to weight loss, lowering your alcohol consumption is very helpful because of the empty calories it can produce. Experts warn that this is especially true when it comes to visceral fat.

While a cocktail every now and then is ok, too much booze can cause your body to pack on fat as visceral fat and this is connected to an increased your waist circumference, so try to stick to mocktails or maybe some sparkling water.

2 — Drink green tea

Green tea is among the healthiest drinks you can consume. Not only can it help lower your risk of cancer, improve your overall brain health, and help your teeth, but it can also help with weight loss too.

Green tea’s weight loss properties derive from one of its top compounds, named polyphenols, which are known to help metabolism.

And those people who are trying to lose some visceral fat will be glad to hear that green tea has been shown to help with burning belly fat. Data reveals that green tea drinking over a time frame of 12 weeks is connected to less visceral fat.

3 — Go easy on artificial sweeteners

It is understandable that when you are attempting to shed some weight, you might try replacing your sugar with some artificial sweeteners. Unfortunately, experts say these could actually cause more weight gain surrounding your waist.

Many folks lean toward artificial sweeteners when they are attempting to limit their sugar, but drinking beverages that have these sweeteners too much could result in fat being stored as visceral fat.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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