Drinking Habits For Losing Fat After 50

When you age, what you drink might be the last thing you are thinking about. However, it is more important to keep your body hydrated as you age past 50. Based on information from the Mayo Clinic, people that are older have a smaller volume of water in their bodies, because they have a greater percentage of body fat.

As people age, the sensation of being thirsty decreases,” Amber Pankonin says.

Besides preventing dehydration, keeping hydrated after 50 also helps if you are trying to get lean.

“A few studies have shown that not staying hydrated may be associated with having a higher bmi,” Pankonin says. “This could be because people sometimes mistake being thirsty for being hungry, or they choose to hydrate with drinks that have calories instead of picking no- calorie or low-calorie options like water.”

To keep healthy and fit after turning 50, practice these simple drinking habits.

1– Drink at least half your weight in ounces of water.

Water plays a huge role in the breaking down fat process. You have got to stay very hydrated if you want to lose fat!” says Brittany Michels.

“Most all of the your body’s major systems rely on water to thrive and function,” says Michels, also the breakdown of fat requires water, so being well hydrated tremendously impacts your weight management.

“Without water you couldn’t break down fat and lose fat mass,” says Michels. “So, you have to consume your fluid needs in order to obtain a lean body and support a healthy metabolism.”

Also, some perks of drinking enough water are improved digestion and satiety. If keeping track of your intake is hard, try buying bigger water bottles and setting an alarm to help remind yourself when to start on the next bottle.”

2– Order the cold brew instead of the latte.

Watch what you order when you go out to your favorite place to get coffee, 70 calories is in a nitro cold brew with cream compare that to the mocha or vanilla latte that may have close to 400-500 calories,” says Pankonin. “If you order one of these daily it will add up over time.”

3– Choose non-sugar sweetened beverages.

When you add sugar it causes your blood sugar to jump up, increases cravings, negatively impacts your mood, and halts fat metabolism,” says Michels. “If you are unable to reach your water goal, try drinking other beverages that contain non-sugar sweetener, like herbal tea and citrus spritzer carbonated water.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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