Eat This Sweet Snack To Prevent Aging

When thinking about what you need to be drinking or eating to prevent aging, you might already know what the best nut is that will slow aging and maybe the best tea that will help fight aging. However, do you know what the best fruit is that will slow aging?

You may be delighted and surprised that avocados could help support your brain’s sharpness.

Research was released in the journal Nutrients that broke down the results of a trial that was randomized that saw participants consuming an avocado each day for six months while others consumed either one cup of chickpeas or one potato. At the end of that trial, individuals who were eating the avocados had higher levels of lutein, which is connected to memory and cognitive function.

“This research is really exciting and shows hope for healthier aging,” Courtney Bliss said, “As our population gets older and is focusing on their health, this simple dietary addition could be a great part of nutrition for every age.”

Trista Best, MPH, says that avocados are so beneficial because of the amount of magnesium they have in them.

“Magnesium is crucial to life as it is contained in every cell of the human body and is important for carrying a lot of bodily functions,” Best said. “One avocado has almost 60 mg of magnesium, which is 15% of the recommended daily value of this nutrient.”

Best adds that “not only does magnesium work within your brain for cognitive and mood support, but also on the outside of your brain in blood vessels. It acts as a type of vasodilator to help dilate the vessels, which increases blood flow to your brain.”

When it comes to creating a list of foods that will boost brain power, foods that contain omega-3 are generally at the top, Best said. In addition to being rich in magnesium, avocados are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

“Roughly around 60% of the brain is made of fats, and half of that amount is omega-3 type fat,” Best said. “It has been discovered that omega-3 rich foods could help prevent cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The brain needs omega-3 fat to create nerve cells, which are crucial to memory and your ability to learn.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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